WH orders review of SIV visa program for Afghan and Iraqi combat translators who helped US military

President Biden issued an executive order Friday to review the Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) program for Afghan and Iraqi combat translators who helped the U.S. military, a program with tens of thousands of backlogged requests. 

A White House release said the order would review practices to ensure the U.S. was honoring its commitment to helpful allies in war-torn countries, to expand the program and enhance access to the program for those vulnerable to persecution, including women, children and those who could be discriminated against for gender or sexual orientation. 

Rep. Mike Waltz, R-Fla., a combat veteran who works closely with

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Army Developing Simulated Environment for Region-Based Combat Training

Simulated Environment Combat Training

The U.S. Army has developed a simulated training environment to help refine the combat skills of warfighters based on real geographic regions.

The Army said Thursday the Decisive Action Training Environment (DATE) World platform builds on almost a decade of development work and falls under the Army’s Intelligence Directorate (G-2) within the Training and Doctrine Command.

DATE World mimics four regions around the world, namely the Pacific, Caucasus, Africa and Europe. The simulation platform also includes details on force structure and available equipment and weaponry based on the geographic location.

Jennifer Dunn, branch chief at TRADOC’s

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Navy’s Littoral Combat Ships Will Be on the Front Lines in the Pacific, SWO Boss Says

After years of setbacks, the Navy’s littoral combat ships are going to see a surge in missions in the Pacific, where leaders say they’ll be out front as the U.S. seeks to counter China’s growing influence in the region.

The Navy has identified the missions the LCS will fulfill in U.S. 7th Fleet, Vice Adm. Roy Kitchener, commander of​ Naval Surface Forces, said this week.

“If you look at the things we want to do and the 7th Fleet … that’s what [Vice Adm. William Merz] wants to use them for,” Kitchener said Tuesday during the annual Surface Navy Association

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